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Beth is a journalist who has lived in France, Congo, China, Ivory Coast, Malaysia, India, Canada & Thailand, covering stories in more than 25 countries for The Associated Press & other news organizations.


She found her writing voice as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Democratic Republic of Congo (then called Zaire) and got her master's in journalism from Northwestern University. After a year-long internship at The New York Times, Beth headed to Beijing to edit a Chinese news magazine and freelance for U.S. dailies while studying Mandarin.


Beth joined The AP in Miami, moved up to the International Desk in New York and took her first overseas assignment as a West Africa correspondent, covering politics, health, and society, as well as tucking in and out of the civil wars in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Congo.


She was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for a story about the first return to her Peace Corps village in Congo. Beth returned again in 2006 and intends to return a third time to discover the final chapter in her memoir about the village of Kamponde.


Beth became bureau chief in Southeast Asia and was based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She was promoted to bureau chief for South Asia, based in New Delhi, where she spent five years managing six bureaus in the region and covering some of the world's biggest stories leading up to 9/11 and its aftermath.

Beth's final role with The AP was as Deputy Asia Editor, based at the agency's Asia-Pacific Desk in Bangkok, where she was in charge of the daily news report from Afghanistan to Australia.

Beth was then a Knight Fellow at Stanford University and worked on a digital platform to tell stories about women and girls. She remained at Stanford to become the editorial manager for the Center on International Security and Cooperation.

Today, Beth is the communications manager for Stanford Health Policy, covering the research by faculty & fellows who are working to improve health care around the world.


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